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Vidado is releasing for the first time our new READ API, available in beta. The Vidado READ API enables organizations to extend their existing document digitization capabilities and include low quality, low resolution and even handwritten information. Through the READ API, simply supply an image containing text, such as a snippet of a field from a form, and the READ API will return back the estimated value and corresponding confidence score.

While in beta, anyone can register and request access to the READ API at https://api.vidado.ai/portal, but all requests will be screened prior to providing API keys. Each key will enable a developer to submit one shred image per second to the READ API, and up to 1,000 shreds per day. Images of up to 1MB in size and up to 100,000 square pixels in size are supported.

In this initial release, the READ API only supports text digitization. This includes alpha-numeric strings, dates, and numbers. Other field types such as signatures, checkboxes and radiobuttons are not currently supported.

The READ API is ideal for customers, partners and solutions integrators that already have some form of documentation classification and digitization capabilities, and are looking to augment their system with improved low quality, low resolution or handwritten capture.

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